We are experts in designing
the right art for your facility.

Together, we form a team that works
to make your space extraordinary.

Using the power of art to heal, inspire, provoke, challenge, offer hope
and MOST of all, to connect - to remind us of our common humanity


We are passionate about healthcare art. In healthcare settings, art can play an essential role in helping to improve the psychological health of patients. By integrating over 35 years of art experience with research on evidence-based design, we provide innovative art solutions for the healthcare community. The comfort and healing power of art should never be underestimated. Art evokes emotions. It speaks to the soul. At its best, it inspires, challenges and transforms us. Our goal is to design healing environments that promote and acknowledge the physical and spiritual wellness of patients and providers.

We incorporate evidence-based design for art in every healthcare project from hospitals to clinics to senior living facilities. Though the art in different types of facilities will vary, it is vital that art in every area is addressing the being: body, mind and spirit.

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Architecture & Design

We believe in the power and importance of art. We believe in your client's mission, their purpose, and their place within their communities. Our primary goal is to ensure that the art program contributes to this in a meaningful way.

Putting together great art packages is our passion. But we know it is time consuming. Managing all that goes into an art program is no small task: selecting, procuring, manufacturing, delivering and installing the art for a facility requires a skilled team. There are millions of artists and images to choose from, deadlines, budgets and various stakeholders that must be consulted. Often this is only one part of a larger project where multiple skill sets are combined to create just the right blend of design elements into a space. We understand how best to help the A&D community offer great art solutions. We offer designers various levels of support from assistance in art selection to full project management of the art program.

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Great American Art has been providing high quality art solutions to healthcare, senior living and corporate environments for over 35 years. We have extensive experience using evidence-based design in all types of facilities throughout the country and bring a unique viewpoint to each one.

We take the heart and soul of a company and express it through art. Anyone who has ever crafted a corporate mission statement knows how hard it can be to find the right words. Imagine how much harder it is to say it with images! Great art has the power to change attitudes. And the right attitudes have the power to change lives - of your employees as well as your clients. In the end, it's all about filling in the blanks - walls and spaces - with art that reflects your company's inner self.

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While we have always been partial to red, white and blue, we've enhanced government spaces with art that delights in a full spectrum of colors. We understand that you're under constant pressure to go with the lowest bidder. We get that. But we don't ever want you to end up with art that's anything less than spectacular regardless of what resources are available to you. The art in your spaces is simply too important. It needs to be an integral part of your design, with each piece elevating each space. We offer an intuitive website and online collaboration tools to make art selection simple and cost-effective. What's more, we provide our expert art design services for free. Together, we will create a unique art program for your facility—one that reflects your distinct personality and resources.

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It's not easy to select art that will have a positive impact on everyone. But it is possible and, to our way of thinking, essential. What's required is a full-service team totally dedicated to understanding the client's needs and vision. Great American Art works with a local dealer forming a team, bringing the client decades of experience in project management, art consulting, art procurement, art manufacturing and art installation. Having local dealers and manufacturer reps allows the client to continue working with people they know and trust, while bringing in expert art consultants who focus their creativity on discovering unique and exciting art, ultimately resulting in selections that exceed expectations. We have dealers all throughout the country ready to assist with all of your art, branding or wayfinding needs.

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Working with Great American Art is a real pleasure, they have an expansive offering, and are helpful and responsive.

Carmen T.